Bingo Terms G – L

G.T.I., T.E.D

An electronic dabber system that Bingo players can use to play multiple packs at the same time. A rental fee is usually charged.

game board

An electronic display attached to the Bingo board to show the pattern – for example, four corners, chevron, regular, or blackout – you need to get to win a particular game. It looks like a Bingo card.

game room

An online area or “room” for playing Bingo, used to divide online Bingo players into groups. Using smaller groups makes chatrooms more manageable.

hard card

A Bingo card printed on heavy cardboard, usually with shutters to cover each number as it is called out.

hardway Bingo

A Bingo term describing Bingo in a straight line without the use of the free space typically included in the center of each Bingo card.


A big prize usually awarded for achieving a difficult pattern, such as a blackout, within a specified number of balls.

lucky jar (or cookie jar)

A Bingo term that refers to a container with cash that you’ll win if you Bingo on a specified lucky number. The lucky number is usually the first number called at the beginning of a session. Money is added to the jar every time the lucky number is called. Usually you can win the lucky jar only during regular games.

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