How to overcome a losing streak in online bingo

Online bingo with a losing streak

If you love online bingo and have been playing it, then you are bound to have experience at least once, where your numbers just doesn’t want to come up. The problem with this is that online bingo is meant to be a fun game. We all know it’s no fun when you’re on a losing streak.

If you have been playing time and again and you keep on losing, then you’re likely to get exasperated and eventually it becomes a problem. When you’re experiencing a lot of stress and disappointment from playing bingo, it’s time to take a breather and step back. We recommend you to look for other things. Maybe jump to our forum and have a chat with others in the same situation.

Don’t focus on your past losses

You have probably heard this before but never try to chase your losses. It’s only natural that you’d want to recover the money you’ve lost, especially because it’s fairly possible for you to win it back but instead of obsessing about regaining your losses, you need to also pay attention to your bankroll management skills. Sometimes it’s for the best to givet it up for some time, and then come back even stronger. Make yourself a budget and stick to it, in that way you can cut your loses short on online bingo.

Don’t increase your wagering amounts

It’s quite tempting for you to try to win your losses back by increasing your wagering amounts. But when you’re on the losing end, it will only hurt your bankroll if you keep on playing. Instead of buying more tickets, decrease the number of games or tickets played until things turn around. You can also enjoy the social aspect of online bingo in the meantime. As we said – take a breathing room and regain yourself. There is always online bingo places, they are not going anywhere.

Avoid drawn out gaming sessions

Many bingo players thing that if they stay online, they will manage to recover their losses. But if you’ve been on a losing streak for 4 hours, continuing to play for another 3 hours or more doesn’t mean that you will recover the money lost.

Remember that when bingo stops being less fun and you find yourself growing exasperated, it’s best to take a break or socialise in the chat rooms, until you’re ready to play again.

Jamie Jackpot

Jamie Jackpot

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