Online bingo odds – Is it fair?

Unfairness is one of few things that put me on tilt. So is online bingo fair? The answer is yes. It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the bargain of a century. Jokes aside, online bingo is as fair as e.g. poker, which my son assures me, is one of the fairest types of gaming.

The reason for the fairness in bingo and poker, as opposed to e.g. roulette and Black Jack, is that you are playing against human beings, not against the house. In typical casino games you will always lose in the long run because the payout percentage is less than 100%.

In bingo and poker, the house takes a small cut for offering their services, but you are still playing against human beings. Human beings make mistakes, a Random Number Generator (RNG) does not.

RNG’s come in many shapes and sizes, e.g. as a card shuffler or a bingo ball selector. There can be short term variance for an RNG, but, if based on a large enough selection of numbers, the RNG will always be 100% fair.

Bingo rooms do not mess with this. Most rooms hire external auditors in order to assure total randomness. If a bingo room was found guilty of messing with the bingo ball selector, making it favorable to the house, they would lose all their customers and their business. Instead, they keep a small fixed house cut and everyone is happy.

Bottom line: You’re having a good time, being entertained, and you have the chance to win big money, but all-in-all the average bingo players lose a little bit because the house takes a little cut. But play your cards right, and you might be able to equalize the house cut disadvantage with a touch of flair, all kind of bonuses which are practically thrown at you, human mistakes and a little visit from Old Lady Luck.

Jamie Jackpot

Jamie Jackpot

Jamie Jackpot er Jackie's yngre bror, og hvis der er noget han elsker mere end at spille online casino, så er det at dele sine tips og tricks med andre, så de kan forbedre deres vinderchancer, når de spiller casino.