A winner story with Irene

The winner story of Irene

We met up with an old lady called Irene. ”I have played bingo for many years now” says Irene. She’s 64 years and have played bingo for 20 years. She has switched the traditional bingo out with an online approach ”I think it’s smart you can play bingo in the comfort of your own living room”.

Irene won 14.000 danish kroner on her birthday

Irene was fortunate enough to win 14.000 kr. last week. ”Even though i have won before, this time was something special” The occation was perfect, as Irene won the money on her birthday. ”It wasn’t even planned to play bingo that night. I were hosting my birthday and when the guests went home, I wanted to relax. I wasn’t feeling tired, so i decided to take my ipad and play for half an hour. Just before i was about to turn it off, the sound popped off.” Irene is smiling now – it’s almost like she is in the moment again. ”14.000 danish kroner! That is a lot of money for me.” Irene stopped working a couple of years ago due to health problems.

Irene wants to use the money on..

”Those money can do a lot for me. I want to spend it on my grandkids. They really deserves to be spoiled, and i don’t get to that very often.” I asked Irene what she want to do with the money and if she is planning to use some for herself. ”No. I don’t need anything. I’m fortunate enough to have a carring family, and those are the values I care for in life. So for me is far better to give than receive.” I asked Irene where she plays and if she is planning on stopping anytime soon. ”I play at pingobingo – they such a cute little penquin. I will continiue as always, as I see this as my ’free space’.

Jamie Jackpot

Jamie Jackpot

Jamie Jackpot er Jackie's yngre bror, og hvis der er noget han elsker mere end at spille online casino, så er det at dele sine tips og tricks med andre, så de kan forbedre deres vinderchancer, når de spiller casino.